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Improve Vital Muscle Groups With Rolfing Strength And Conditioning

Rolfing® Structural Integration is an advanced manual therapy designed to: 

  • Realign your joints
  • Make your body more symmetrical
  • Reduce your forward head posture which will help you with TMJ problems, headaches, and migraines
  • Relieve shoulder pain
  • Reduced spinal stiffness 
  • Recover faster from car accidents and surgeries
  • Restore range of motion to tight, seized up ankles
  • Release tightness and tension around the hips and groin
  • Relieve pain in the soles of the feet from "plantar fasciitis" 
  • Increase flexibility in the hips and shoulders 
  • Improve your posture to jump higher, run faster, hit harder and help prevent list of injuries
  • Ease the stiffness and pain of arthritis in the hands, feet, and knees
  • Improve circulation 
  • Boost your energy level 
  • Help you recover from post-workout/competition soreness and tightness
  • Relieve pain in the knees 
  • Prepare your body to do more than you thought possible

Let Rolfing Strength Training Relieve Your Most Constant AilmentsPersonal Training Newport Beach

Most of the joint pain people experience is in the connective tissue of the joint - the space between two bones encased in a soft tissue connector. But muscle deficiencies can oftentimes be the first domino leading to deficient posture and ultimately, connective tissue pain.

By combating your pain at its very source, our Strength Training program is often successful alleviating pain and discomfort you have struggled with for years.

Rolfing clients often enjoy:

  • Immediate pain relief with eased joint pressure
  • Lasting improvements that prevent future pain
  • Maintenance programs that ensure you don't slip back into painful posture

Corrective Movements And Exercises That Benefit For Overall Heath 

With our refined series of corrective movements and Strength Training Exercises, everyone from athletes and performers to businessmen and women can benefit in ways a traditional massage or workout program simply can't provide.

Corrective movements provide you with: 

  • Improved posture
  • Pain relief
  • Improved performance
  • Recovery from injury and surgery
  • Relieved repetitive strain

Sign Up For All 10 Sessions Or Try It Out On Your Own Schedule

We encourage our clients to complete a 10-week Rolfing program complete with Strength Training in addition to other approaches. But clients are always free to sign up for a customized package that suits you best. Most Rolfing clients know by session number 3 whether the program will continue to improve your daily life.

We invite you to take on any duration you see fit - including our post 10-week maintenance programs that can be completed one a month to help your body maintain its improved posture for the long run.

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