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What is Neuro Rolfing? NR is combinational of traditional Rolfing and Neurocentric input training. Traditional Rolfing follows classic biomechanical approach that emphasizes lengthening and stretching the fascia in order to optimize posture and joint alignment.

Your posture begins in your brain. Tight fascia is a consequence of neural behavior, and of visual and vestibular functions. Neurocentric input training is a brain-based approach -- it focuses on the activation of specific brain parts, plus the visual and vestibular systems, in order to improve your alignment and stop pain. It's designed to activate inhibited muscles that cause poor posture and joint alignment.

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Why Are Rolfing And Neurocentric Input Training A Great Combo?

Rolfing is a targeted form of massage that lengthens and stretches chronically short fascia, which pull your body out of good alignment, while Neurocentric Input Training activates inhibited muscles using visual, vestibular, and brain-based exercises.

But what brain parts are we going to activate and why?

This part of your brain is responsible for posterior chain tone. The posterior chain contains extensor muscles which hold you upright. How does an inactive cerebellum manifest in your body? Excessive internal rotation in your arms and legs, plus slouching!

PMRF is the powerhouse of your posture. It inhibits flexors. Patients who present with dysfunctional output of their PMRF have flexor dominant posture, a common postural presentation of forward head posture, anterior rolling of the shoulders, chest flexion, and hyperkyphosis. Also excessive external leg rotation is presented.

The sensory cortex is important to posture because it perceives proprioception and joint position. Understanding where your body is in space is fundamental for achieving postural stability.

The motor cortex of the frontal lobe is important for posture because it initiates voluntary movement of skeletal muscles contralaterally and stabilization of posture muscles ipsilaterally.

Because your Visual system is the #1 predicting system in your body. If your eyes are sending weak input into your brain, your brain doesn't feel safe and can make you tight and immobile. If your vision is getting worse as you age, you will start to pull your head forward to see better. If you don't train your eyes, you will be unable to fix your forward head posture.

The vestibular system controls postural balance and extension. It stimulates uprightness in your body. It talks to muscles stabilizing your spine. If the vestibular system is not doing a proper job, your spine will have a lack of reflexive stability, resulting in chronic lower back pain. You can do something simple, like tie shoes or pick up pencil off the floor, and end up throwing your back out! New research suggests that scoliosis starts here as well.

Working solely on fascia may produce short-term results, but Neuro Rolfing can give you the long-term fix you need.

Neuro Rolfing can:
  • Make you move better and more efficiently
  • Relieve Pain
  • Decrease tightness
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve your joint alignment and mobility
  • Make you breathe better
  • Enhance your athletic performance

These neural activation exercises will help men and women of all ages and fitness levels, from Irvine and beyond, create better health and movement.

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