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Rolfing Jiri Peremsky

We use BRAIN-BASED TRAINING to make you better. Why “brain-based” you may ask? Because the brain controls everything. Everything about you. Your movement, posture, gait, strength, speed, weakness, tightness, joint mobility, and your pain. At Rolfing Jiri Peremsky, we can teach you how to activate your brain, improve vision and balance, while strengthening your entire body, so you can become BETTER, STRONGER, AND PAIN-FREE.

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I was in a car accident at the age of 15 that left me with chronic back pain and a back that would go out periodically. Even as a Pilates instructor I had issues that I could not solve. After my 3rd Rolfing session with Jiri, I knew something had changed, permanently. It’s been over 2 years, my pain is gone and back has not gone out once. I have greater freedom of movement for my Pilates and yoga practices. I can surf longer and with more ease. Rolfing increased my quality of life.

Amy L.

I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 year and a list of pains that go along with it, including sciatica. I’ve tried just about every alternative healing path possible. Rolfing has been the best thing to help with my pain reduction. Some days I wasn’t able to stand at the end of the day; and, now that is never a concern of mine. Jiri is by far the best Rolfer I have gone to. His knowledge of anatomy is extensive and his intuition on how to work through a muscle is impeccable. I would and do recommend him to everyone.

Lisa S.

Let me first start off by saying this is not a massage. No candles and scented lotions and fluffy feel good rubs. This is “structural integration” and its my go-to when I am in pain. I went through the entire series over two years ago and now I just make appointments as needed. I am an esthetician, my work is very physical and my body takes quite a beating. I noticed that when I get a standard massage I always feel great when I leave, but a few days later the pain is back. With Rolfing, I usually feel fine when I leave, but then as the days go by my range of motion continues to improve and I feel better and better. Don’t get me wrong. These sessions are intense and there are times I want to scream, but as long as I communicate, Jiri adjusts the pressure. I had been living with pain for so long, I just shut it off, blocked it out and did my best to manage. Now I know immediately when its time to see Jiri and have him “unstick” everything. After my Rolfing session I stand taller, breathe better, and am more flexible. I love doing yoga the day after a session, I can really feel the difference in my practice. I recommend Jiri to all of my clients that are in pain and all my athletes to help take them to the next level.

Josette D.

Let me start with this statement. Working with Jiri is one of the best desicions I have done for myself and my body. I had always problems with my posture. Rounded shoulders, head going too forward, always having chronic neck tightness. I tried everything, massage, physical therapy , chiropractic. Nothing really worked or just temporally. After just 3 sessions with Jiri I felt my posture improved, my neck was less stiff and I noticed that my alignment in pilates and yoga is so much better !!! I would recommend Jiri to everyone. His bodywork is incredibly effective.

Gabi K.

Jiri is amazing and a miracle worker!! I am an avid runner who used to have runner's knee injuries that would keep me from running for months. However, Jiri, who is an athlete himself, fixed my knee issues in only one 1.5 hour session. He knows how the tightness in particular muscles and tendons can lead to certain issues, and he fixes it immediately. Now, I have weekly sessions and am injury free and can work out more than ever.

Rolfing Lake Forest

Christine K.

Jiri is absolutely amazing ! I came to him via a groupon deal. I never tried rolfing before. I had tried massage and chiropractic, but nothing ever helped my SI joint issues. After the first session I felt so much better. I have been seeing Jiri ever since. I like his concept of not chasing the pain, but rather working with whole structure and its alignment . After every visit he also gave me great exercises and stretches that helped with my posture, walking and standing correctly, etc. Couple of months ago I injured my ankle playing soccer. Jiri helped me get my foot back on track. I am still amazed after each session, how rolfing is effective . Whether it is my foot, my back or my neck, Jiri always knows what needs to be done. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Rolfing Lake Forest

Vincent D.

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